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International Centre for Voice


Friday, March 8, 2013 - 09:00

This intensive workshop will help you find greater vocal freedom, connection, and presence in your work.

We'll start with exercises to free the breathing and voice as we explore a sense of being vibrantly relaxed. In this part of the work, called Destructuring, we'll give special attention to freeing muscles related to breathing through bodywork and mindfulness practices adapted for that purpose. This primarily internal attention will then be gradually shifted to bring you into an increasingly open relationship with others and the space. We'll then explore how this felt experience of openness can serve your voice and text work in surprisingly helpful ways.

We'll also briefly cover the second part of Fitzmaurice Voicework, Structuring, to help you communicate with greater vocal flexibility, depth, and power.

This intensive has three goals:

•   to help you learn a highly effective full-body vocal warm-up that can become a part of any regular warm-up routine you use.

•   to offer a deep experience of the role of breathing in developing greater presence and meaningful connection and spontaneity in your work.

•   to address your specific needs.

Saul Kotzubei is a certified Master Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework and Co-Director of the Fitzmaurice Institute. He is also a lead trainer for the two-year Fitzmaurice Voicework Teacher Certification Program. He works extensively in Los Angeles and internationally with professional actors and others interested in opening up their voice, breathing, and presence. He has also taught in more traditional actor training settings such as NYU’S CAP 21 Studio and New York’s Actors Center.

He is a performer with a Masters degree in Buddhist Studies from Columbia University and diverse acting training that includes a year studying clown with Philippe Gaulier.

In addition to his voice and presentation coaching, Saul has done a wide range of communication-related coaching: he has consulted for the municipal government of Prague in their transition to democracy; done conflict resolution at a U.S. Zen center and other educational institutions; taught theatre games to Cirque du Soleil; and taught creativity workshops in Russia.

Saul was a member of the first group to go through the Fitzmaurice Voicework Teacher Certification Program, in 1998.


“I always had breath and vocal problems as an actor, and I never understood how it was deeply inhibiting my work. I could do exercises all day and produce sound, but until I met Saul, I could never produce richness or nuance unless I bumped into it by accident or by luck. It's now become a core part of my work and I only wish I had discovered it sooner.”
Michelle Krusiec – Actor (One World series regular) (IMDB info)
"When I worked with Saul, things moved very quickly. I have been able to do things vocally that I would never have imagined possible.”
David Rasche – Actor, Singer (In the Loop, Burn After Reading, United 93, Flags of our Fathers) (IMDB info) (IBDB info)
"There is one word that describes the effect of Saul’s work on the artistic life – revelatory. The way he teaches reaches inside your artistic self and illuminates something that you didn’t even know you had to share."
Brooke Nevin – Actor (Breakout Kings series regular) (IMDB info
"Through the breath work I have learned to trust my intuition. I have never felt more alive.”
Seth Gabel – Actor (Fringe series regular; Dirty Sexy Money series regular) (IMDB info)
"Saul's approach is invaluable for any actor working on camera, and essential for working in the theatre."
David Schwimmer – Actor, Director (Friends series regular) (IMDB info)
“I experienced significant improvement upon learning about the breath and breathing. The warm-up exercises/explorations focus me in such a way that I find I am very ready to work. Contrary to popular belief, you can teach an old dog new tricks.”
Charlayne Woodard – Actor, Singer (Tony nomination for Ain't Misbehavin') (IMDB info) (IBDB info)
“If you're willing to go there, Saul can help you access parts of yourself buried or forgotten. Hard Work. Big reward.”
Alan Rachins – Actor (Dharma & Greg series regular; LA Law series regular) (IMDB info)
"My work with Saul has been transformational. His individualized approach has helped me find more depth, connection and resonance with my voice. I am seeking longevity and growth in my career, and I find this work vital to achieving those goals."
Alyssa Diaz – Actor (The Nine Lives of Chloe King series regular; As The World Turns series regular) (IMDB info)


Please reserve a place by e-mailing info@fitzmauricevoice.com

DATE: March 8-10, 2013

TIME: Friday 7pm - 10pm; Saturday 10am – 5pm; Sunday 10am – 6pm

LOCATION: Central School of Speech & Drama, Embassy Theatre

62-64 Eton Avenue, London, Greater London NW3 3HY

ICV members: £130

Non-ICV members: £160

Current MAVS students or ICV student members: £90
Non-ICV students £100
If registered in Fitzmaurice Certification Programme (see below): £90

Payment can be made via bank transfer to:
Terry A. O'Connell

Leigh Branch

Sort code: 40-28-10

Account number: 41519263

Or via PayPal to: londoncert@gmail.com

This workshop will offer you a taste of Fitzmaurice Voicework, and/or help prepare you for the 

European Certification Programme for Associate Teachers of Fitzmaurice Voicework® to be held at the Central School of Speech & Drama
29 July - 23 August 2013 and 28 July - 22 August 2014.

For further details on the Fitzmaurice Certification Programme see http://www.icvoice.co.uk/page26.htm

For further information on Fitzmaurice Voicework and on Saul Kotzubei see